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Ally and Daniel

About the couple

About Her: She’s a quirky loveable Beauty Therapist with a massive love for puppy dogs
About Him: He’s an even quirkier actor/projectionist/editor with a massive love for kitty cats.

How you both met: Over Dan’s first fake sickie!!
His sister and I were friends from when we studied together. One night she was catching up for dinner with me and asked if her brother could tag along.

Meanwhile, Dan had been Facestalking me and “chucked a sickie” in order to be free to come to this dinner.
Both of us turned into babbling doofuses trying to impress the other (which is kinda perfect coz now we realise we are actually just perfect babbling doofuses together!!) and there started a great friendship based on Monty Python, Star Wars and Rock n Roll!
Fast forward 3 years and Dan is on his knee on Cape Touraville in Freycinet, Tasmania……….and I said Yes 🙂


About the day

Our favourite parts: The people! We both adore people (and cats and dogs!).
We had beautiful weather, and all the perfection you could ask for, but the people brought the laughter and the laid back feel which is what made the day completely perfect.

Our suppliers: That included our vendors! Our cake maker, florist, venue staff, celebrant and who could forget our adorable photographer and his cheeky monkey… 😉 These people made our day beautiful, smooth, SO much fun with SO much love. If they have done a million weddings before, it didn’t matter, they treated ours with just as much care and excitement as we were feeling.!


About the photography:

Jared and Colin! What can we say!?
You guys were a highlight of our day! You were “chawesome” even! (we even have personal jokes!)
You were the perfect mix of laid back and professional, and really just felt like part of the family. You guys kept me laughing and chilled.
The photos……….wow! I haven’t needed to find the words to recommend you to people, I just show them the pictures, and they get it!
I just can’t recommend you guys enough! See you when the little Felkai’s happen!!