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Katie and Ty

A lovely wedding at Coolangatta Estate

About the couple

About Her: Katie is a quality management professional with a love for being outdoors, keeping fit and food!
About Him: Ty is a refinery technician, and extremely hard worker having 2 other jobs on the side. He loves 4wds, old cars and camping.

How you both met: We met on RSVP, Katie was having no luck meeting new men, and even though very skeptical that it would work was giving it a go before dismissing it and Ty was looking for new friends. Neither one of us expected to find each other or end up getting married. As it happened Ty was the first person Katie met, and after emailing for a couple days we had met up exactly one week from Katie joining RSVP. Fate or a higher power, we were meant to be! Our relationship has been easy since day 1, we always knew there was something very special about each other right back from that first email.

About the day

Our favourite parts: The best part of our wedding day was getting our photos done, honestly and we’ll tell you why! The nerves of the ceremony had gone and we had said hi to our family and friends. Then we got to escape the crowd and spend the next couple hours walking around a beautiful venue arm in arm, talking about our mornings, sneaking in a few kisses and just being us. Yes we were getting photos taken at the same time, but it was lovely and intimate. Jared and Colin had a wonderful way of making us relaxed, having a laugh with us, letting us be us and getting amazing pictures in the process.

Our suppliers:: We got married at Coolangatta Estate, Shoalhaven Heads. Katie’s dress was an Alfred Angelo gown, hair by Leigh Mathews and make-up by Nicole McKann. Katie made the cake, a chocolate and white layered mud cake. We also organised all the decorations ourselves, to help put our touch on the day!


About the photography:

Jared and Colin were there from make-up until our first dance.  There was not one photo opportunity missed and having them both meant that all angles were covered. Through our experiences at other weddings where the photographers were shy and hid up the back and their composition and lighting were not quite right. We really didn’t want to take the risk at being disappointed, you get one big day, the last thing we wanted was the not be happy with our photos. We met Jared and Colin when they were shooting a friend’s wedding and were really taken with their personalities and also that when they grouped people together they didn’t just flash and move on, they made sure people were standing so that they could all be seen, their faces and eyes were looking at the right camera and the orientation was always done to get the best lighting. So impressed we just looked at each other and smiled, we knew we had to have them for our wedding!

Recommendations for other couples:

Make sure you organise the venue to bring you and the photographers some water! It was a warm day and we really needed to have grabbed a drink before we started walking around the venue! We cut the cake at the ceremony and it was served it to our guests while we were getting our photos taken, everyone loved the idea and it kept them busy while we were off. It terms of photography, make sure you write out a list of what you want before the day, give it to Jared and Colin and then let them worry about getting them all! It worked so well and we didn’t have to worry about forgetting a particular family shot or backdrop we wanted.