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Belgenny Farm Review

It’s one of our most popular locations and without reservation we recommend it as an ideal wedding venue

Rustic Appeal

Belgenny farm brings a unique rustic or rural feel to any wedding. It’s filled with outdoor space and leaves great room for creativity and nature in photographs. It brings a rich collection of textures to the table which make for excellent backgrounds. Being in nature also offers a calm and enjoyable atmosphere, perfectly suited for the mixture of humour and solemnity that come with the atmosphere of a wedding.

Excellent Staff

The staff at Belgenny farm provide excellent service and will really take care of you and are immensely helpful. They really pull together as a team and are very good at just hustling and making things happen properly and effectively.

Head Caterer: The head caterer is George. He will go the extra mile to look after you and ensure everything is perfect for you


Our Photography at Belgenny Farm

Our crew at Instill Photography bring to the table the experience of having done many weddings at Belgenny farm. We’ve learned to take fun, candid images at many excellent locations and found ways to perfect those shots in synergy with the backgrounds and natural beauty of the venue.