About Us


Hi I am Jared and I love to create! I express my creativity through my photography whether it be of my five children, a family portrait session or a beautiful wedding. I have been in the wedding industry since 1995 – both full and part time. Not only do I have twenty five years of wedding photography and videography experience, but some would say that I have a raw natural talent in capturing those moments which you will cherish and carry throughout the generations. Instill Photography was a natural progression for me, as requests for my services grew in demand and size. The ongoing clientele base for Instill works mainly off referrals. These referrals stand as a testimony of the high standard and quality of my work.


I am Julie. I love to laugh.  Bright colors make me happy. I am a lefty. I don’t like seafood. I am spontaneous. I love spaghetti. I am 5’1. My favorite color is yellow – it makes me smile. I play the piano a little. Daffodils are my favorite flower. Photography is what I do to have fun! It energises me. I love the thrill of a photo session, and want you to have fun too!  I do most photos outdoors, and love how color, texture, and emotion all combine to make a stunning image.  I love watching families, siblings, and couples interact and be themselves. I love being able to capture all that feeling and emotion into one photograph that will let the memory live on forever. I can’t wait to see you in front of my lens!